the garden of poetry


“Il Giardino della Poesia” (“The Garden of Poetry”) is an event that has been taking place for more than twenty years in the most important pascolian locations (Casa Pascoli and La Torre). Its features by now have become recognised and acknowledged. In San Mauro Pascoli, the intent to endorse this spectacular genre, which was first considered Poetical Theatre, but extends consistently to Sing/Songwriter Music, originates from a double consideration. The first one has to do with its most famous citizen, Giovanni Pascoli, and his indispensable contribution to european literature in the 20th century. Thanks to his extraordinary personality, the town has always been very devoted to popularising his image and conserving his memory. The other consideration develops from the role that Poetry has assumed: an aesthetic experience involving an audience which is becoming even more demanding. For this reason, this event receives yet another vocation, which emerges from the first one. Throughout the years, the garden of the house in which he was born, and the courtyard of the Torre have hosted contemporary poets who read their own works: Maurizio Cucchi, Vivian Lamarque, Raffaello Baldini, Franco Loi, Valerio Magrelli, and many others; acclaimed stage actors that, for this occasion, read poems by other authors: Sandro Lombardi, Elisabetta Pozzi, Alessandro Haber Eugenio Allegri, Giuseppe Battiston; comic-satirist authors like Michele Serra, Paolo Rossi and Gioele Dix; singer-songwriters and bands: Giovanna Marini, Avion Travel, Mimmo Locasciulli, and Gianmaria Testa.